How an international school set up your son for life

It’s a beautiful Bangkok afternoon as you sit with your wife on your son’s graduation day, filled with immense pride in his achievements. He is pretty happy too, having put in the hard yards to receive his degree.

But it could have been very different. You moved as a family to Thailand as you became disillusioned with life in the homeland. When a career opportunity came along you grabbed it with both hands. The development of your son after he started to attend an school in the capital just one of the huge benefits.

The highest standards

You chose a school with over half a century of experience, providing the very best standard of teachers. Their support was invaluable, especially in the early months of your offspring’s stay, when he had to catch up, such was the difference in standards to his previous establishment.

The best chance in later life

The school follows a curriculum centred around the American, British, and international systems with accredited exams leading to qualifications approved by Thailand’s quality assurance body as well as the council of International Schools, which are recognised worldwide and allowed your son to go onto further education and work towards his degree.

The best facilities

Learning in a school with the best facilities, is a huge advantage when learning. While the school has longevity, it is not afraid to be a leader and embrace new technology. Away from the classroom, the facilities on offer for extra curricula activities are second to none. Whether it is sport on some of the best courts and pitches in the city, or dance and drama, there was plenty to occupy the body, mind, and soul.

The best environment

Your son said the environment was relaxed, comfortable, and most of all it was enjoyable which created an atmosphere where he felt valued and was desperate to repay his opportunity by learning.

Learning about others

Your son became open minded and made friends with others from a wide multicultural background which developed invaluable life skills. It was a definite help in his education and has made him the happy person he is tonight.

Living his best life

Your son is now set for life as he begins his career path thanks to him attending an international school where he learned and passed exams in the best environments, around amazing facilities and being taught to the highest standards.

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