Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Early Learning Program

When you are looking for a kindergarten school for your son or daughter, there is much to consider, as schools vary greatly in their approach to learning, and making the wrong choice could have negative implications for your child. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when looking for a suitable kindergarten program.

  • Travelling too far: If your child spends more than one hour per day travelling, this is too much, so make sure that the school is within a short driving distance. It is counterproductive if a good school is a great distance away, so limit your choices to a specific radius, and make sure your child is comfortable while travelling.
  • Failing to Research: Every school will have a nice website, and the only way to really get a feel of the school is to book a tour, during which you can observe the children in the learning environment. When browsing school websites, look for their vision and mission statements, as these define their approach to learning. Avoid any school that is too academic – young children need to be stimulated to develop creativity and imagination prior to any academic learning.
  • Comparing Cost: The best schools will not be the cheapest and as early learning is so important, cost should not be considered an important factor. As an example, if you take a good look at one of the top international schools in Bangkok, they are affordable and your child will be taught by native English-speaking teachers from the US.
  • Lack of Participation: It has been proven that parental participation is a critical element of early learning, so look for a school that encourages you to be involved, and always talk to the teacher about your child, which will help you to better understand your child and the approach they have to learning. Spending 15 minutes in the evening enquiring about the day’s activities is a must, and by discussing things with your child, you will become aware of any issues, and should your child have any questions, you can help.

There are many aspects to take into account when sourcing a kindergarten school, and the best place to start is a Google search, then you can browse the list and make a shortlist. Set aside a few days for school visits and prepare a list of questions to ask the school principal, which will help you to make an informed decision.

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