An Expat Parent’s Guide to Sourcing the Right International School for Their Kids

Just because you and your partner chose the expat life, doesn’t mean your children’s education should suffer; indeed, there are quality international schools in all parts of the world where they deliver the UK or the US curriculum using qualified Native English-speaking teachers.

Academic Performance

Any reputable school can stand alongside their impressive stats regarding student achievements, so you should be looking for a school that is both innovative and consistent in delivering high achievers. Admittedly, in kindergarten, academic results are not measured, as the activities are designed to develop essential social skills and encourage an enquiring mind, but certainly as the child moves into the primary years, academic performance is needed. Then your child must enter high school, in which they find their passion in life and work towards gaining the right exam results to study at university in their chosen subject.

K-12 Schools

There are certain schools that understand the importance of maintaining a healthy learning environment, and for that reason, they cater to students from 5 to 18 years, thus allowing the child to go through the entire formal education system without having to change schools. Fortunately, there is one excellent International school in Bangkok that is a K-12 school that follows the US curriculum and has a reputation for producing high achievers. It simply isn’t worth putting your child through the emotional turmoil of leaving their friends at school and relocating, and it might be that they have to do that two or three times, depending on the type of school. The K-12 school atmosphere is very family-like, as the students spend a lot of time together, developing lifelong relationships on the way.

Educators Recommend Students Bonding with Teachers

One of the Reggio Emilia guidelines is that the children would stay with the same teacher for the time they are at the school, as this helps the students to develop individual relationships with teachers and other students and that is deemed to be a positive factor in learning. So, if you are currently looking for a kindergarten school, make sure you find a K-12 school that will allow your child to get the most out of their schooling.

School Mission & Value Statements

Every school has these, which would be displayed on their website, and they basically outline the school’s beliefs in how education should best be delivered, and try to look for a school that embraces the learner-centred approach, which is both inclusive and intellectually stimulating for the students. If you find a school that seems to tick all the boxes, arrange a private tour, when you can see for yourself, plus you have a chance to ask the principal some questions and get to see some classes in action.

Involve your child in the selection, as they are the one who will be spending time there, and take them for a pre-visit, so they can get accustomed to the new surroundings.

Choosing the right school will pay dividends in the long run, so take your time with the selection and choose a K-12 school.

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