Free Reference Materials To Build  A Strong Foundation

Education in India is served by public schools (handled by various levels of government) and private schools. Whenever we discuss the Indian education system, it refers mostly to public schooling. A country like India, which is one of the largest education providers across the globe also faces some critical problems. The main reasons for these problems are improper, inadequate and ineffective usage of funds. Lack of funds hampers education and many times problems remain unresolved owing to inadequate funds.

Today, students majorly face technology and money problems. The government, at different levels, are taking efforts to solve such issues. Nowadays, the penetration of smartphones into every family is getting higher year by year. It’s also to be noted that these smartphones have had an impact on rural India too. Hence, utilizing these as educational tools can solve certain issues.

Using the power of technology students can now learn, unlearn and relearn anything at anytime and anywhere. Being the younger population, the adaptation to such changes is also done quickly. Suppose if a student of ICSE Class 8 wishes to refer to a solution for a particular problem, he/she can instantly access the Class 8 Concise Selina Solutions. What’s more useful is that, this resource is available online at all times and importantly free of cost.

Similarly, for a student studying Class 10 it’s essential for him/her to have a strong conceptual knowledge of their previous classes. Now, if a student wants to refer to a solution of class 9, it’s done easily and fast by simply accessing the Class 9 Concise Selina Solutions. It’s a one-stop solution to revise and clear doubts in all concepts learnt in class 9.

With the advancements in technology, the access to these materials are now easy and instant. Many students are utilising this power of technology to excel in their academics. Moreover, technology bridges the gap between the textbook knowledge and real world happenings. Students are more excited to study by using technology and it has also made the learning process more fun and interesting. In addition, students can also make use of other study materials like previous year question papers, worksheets, sample papers to gear up their exam preparations. Thus, providing confidence to learn and take up exams at the same time. Finally, saying that any resource/tool used positively and properly can bring transformation in an individual, and in turn to the nation..

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