Farming Solutions Apps Have Some Reaping Benefits

Agriculture is India’s primary occupation. The official farming population in India ranges between 100 and 150 million people. These are the people who make it possible for us to eat. Our farmers work throughout the year, whether it’s winter, monsoon, or summer season, to ensure that we have access to food.

Farmers face various challenges that directly impact their kheti, such as pest attacks, insufficient and untimely rain, diseases, and so on. Farmers lost 30–50 percent of their crops due to the following factors. It’s a heartbreaking situation. Previously, there was no final solution to this problem. What if every farmer could solve this pesticide and disease problem and maximize their yield? In India, there would be no poor farmers. Instead, the farmers would get the best profits due to minor damage to the crop.

Today, things are a bit different. We can solve yesterday’s challenges with smartphones. Furthermore, AI-powered farm solutions apps make it easier and faster for farmers to identify and solve problems as soon as possible.

What is the functionality of the farm solutions apps?

Previously, if a farmer noticed an affected crop, they would rush to the fertilizer dealer for assistance, and the dealer would give them a pesticide mix based on his experience. It would either work or not work. There was no guarantee.

Farmers can now take photos of the affected crops and upload them to the app. The app for farmers then analyses the harvest to determine whether the damage was by an insect, stem borer, thrips, or any other insect. Finally, it sends the results to the farmers with the diagnosis and suggested chemical and biological treatments using artificial intelligence algorithms.

The plant identifier app provides cultivation tips for any crop, from plant selection to post-harvesting. Complete harvest management; even a beginner, you can get detailed information on plant selection, organic farming monitoring, site selection, field preparation, weeding, irrigation, fertilization, harvesting, and other preventive measures.

  • These apps provide preventive measures that farmers can use before sowing to reduce risks in the first place.
  • Hundreds of community experts support these apps; if you have any questions, queries, or doubts, please ask them.
  • With a single tap on the phone, a farmer can calculate the number of fertilizers they require based on the size of the plot.
  • The apps contain detailed information on how pests and diseases appear at various stages, such as seedling, vegetative, flowering, fruiting, and harvesting
  • It notifies farmers when a disease is about to strike their area and even displays the relevant pests in your area.
  • There are unlimited agricultural videos that will be useful for the farmers.
  • These apps are available in a variety of languages to assist farmers worldwide.
  • You get weather forecasts and other information.

Farmers can benefit from these agriculture apps because smartphones and internet data are widely available, enabling them to produce pest-free crops. In the agricultural sector, these apps expect to bring revolutionary changes. Therefore, these apps are essential for farmers.

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