Here are the 5 benefits of Effective Mentoring

Mentoring started as something informal in the corporate world where seniors would often take their reportees and juniors under their wings, guiding them to successful outcomes.  This informal process saw so much success that organisations have started to put formal mentoring programs in place.

To be a successful manager of an organization in the fast-changing world of business, individuals must develop and evolve their mentoring skills to clearly understand the needs and aspirations of their juniors and those reporting to them. A structured yet customizable effective mentoring program can make a world of difference in the success of a manager as well as that of the organisation.  Employees who are mentored see themselves as valuable to the organisation and mentors are able to develop themselves as someone juniors look up to for guidance.

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Effective mentoring program

As a structured formal mentor training program, effective mentoring trains managers, both new and existing in skills needed for successful mentoring. The effective mentoring course is conducted by certified Coaches who have an extensive discussion with the interested candidates to help managers practice various mentoring techniques and find their unique mentoring style, become competent mentors, learn about the mentoring approaches and the importance of mentoring. They also learn how to deal with workplace challenges and difficult situations. The program can often delve into a mentor’s lack of self-awareness and self-doubt as well.

Program details of effective mentoring

The effective mentoring program involves working with the managers deeply and has a structured approach to mentoring. The effective mentoring program could be a 2-3 month long course that can be customized depending on the needs of the enrolled managers. The program, effective mentoring, has a tried and tested model for learning mentoring skills under the supervision of experienced coaches.

The course, effective mentoring, includes face-to-face interactions with the course mentors, supervised classes, classroom assignments, and live workshops for practicing mentoring skills.

The 5 benefits of Effective Mentoring

Some of the benefits of the effective mentoring program are as follows:

  1. Managers become trained and effective mentors: The effective mentoring program helps new managers and existing managers who wish to elevate their mentoring skills become effective mentors who can motivate and encourage their teams and people who come in their sphere of influence.
  2. Creates a learning culture, thus engaging employees: By promoting the effective mentoring program, an organization creates a workplace environment that values the growth and development of its employees. This develops a culture of trust and openness which enables learning and growth to take place effortlessly. Employees who feel looked after are likely to be much more invested in making the organisation a success.
  3. Promotes both personal and professional growth, building emerging leaders: Effective mentoring is equally beneficial for new managers and for employees who want to rise to the managerial level for professional growth. Managers with mentoring skills are paired with employees who need mentoring. Certified Mentors create a safe place for the employees and guide them towards personal and professional growth, in turn leading to growth for the organisation.
  4. Increases job satisfaction and helps the organization retain their top talent: Effective mentoring makes the managers good mentors; this provides a positive working environment and increased job satisfaction for their mentees and team members. Employees flourish under managers with mentoring skills and this leads to good turnover for the organizations. Mentees feel that they are being offered opportunities to learn and grow. This makes them more likely to stay on at an organisation.
  5. Reduces stress and anxiety among the managers creating a positive impact on the work culture: A workplace manager with mentoring skills is easy to approach, employees feel comfortable turning to them for any guidance, both personal and professional. With an effective mentoring program, managers get the training to become compassionate and lend their ears to those reporting to them. A calm, relaxed working environment proves good outcomes for the organisation, managers as well as their juniors – a win-win situation all around!

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