Daycare centers in Rockville Maryland: Preparing your child for their next academic challenges

Some parents and guardians of pre-school age children often liken daycare centers to places where they might leave their children while they work or go about their daily chores. That aspect of daycare, of providing a safe environment for the child while away from the family, is important – but it’s just a fraction of the mission of daycare centers in Rockville Maryland. It is in that context of safety and protection, however, that these centers perform their most important roles: To prepare young minds and bodies for their next academic and social challenges.

Building Young Bodies and Minds

There’s a lot of research, both statistical and anecdotal, that tells us that daycare is good for our children. Thanks to such studies, families and entire communities are now seeing daycare as more than a “resource” that helps parents go to work. Based on numerous experiments and observations, psychologists and early childhood educators are unanimous that:

  • Daycare helps children learn to interact and socialize with other kids and adults – vital skills needed in the real world
  • In carefully and professionally monitored settings, like those found in daycare in Rockville MD, children learn valuable lessons that will come in handy later in life – like cooperating and getting along with one another
  • Under the auspices of a Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) approved Creative Curriculum®, the kids learn to read, build vocabulary, and get early exposure to Social-Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, the Arts and English Language Acquisition skills
  • Children trained under well-designed programs, such as the Creative Curriculum®, exhibit greater curiosity, and learn more easily through self-discovery and self-exploration. They also learn to take mistakes and failure in stride
  • Regulated play, both physical activity-based and intellectually-stimulating games, helps develop young bodies and minds for the physical and mental challenges they’ll face in higher learning settings

Children enrolled in daycare centers in Rockville Maryland initially gain all these skills and personality traits during their time at the center. Then, as they return home, to their families and communities, with the help of parents and community members, they further reinforce what they’ve learned. This puts them in a better position to tackle and deal with the host of social and academic challenges they’ll soon face.

Well Equipped and Ready

The time spent at a daycare in Rockville MD equips young children with all the skills and traits required to take that next step – into higher educational settings – with more confidence than children who haven’t been exposed to day care settings.

Research shows that, when it comes time to compete to enter higher-level academic institutions, children exposed to an early childcare setting have better intake test scores. They also display higher levels of cognitive skills, and better language skills. More importantly, because they are used to a professionally regulated learning environment, children from daycare centers in Rockville Maryland have fewer behavioral challenges, are more regular in their attendance, and are a lesser source of stress to parents and teachers when the time comes for them to embrace the next leg of their academic and social lives.

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