Know About the EKG Technician Courses and The Class Overviews       

EKG (Electrocardiograph) technician is also called as electrocardiogram or cardiographic technician. They carry out different type of analytical tests to identify cardiovascular issues in the patients. These tests are very helpful in detecting abnormalities that may lead to heart disease or heart attack.

The common duties performed by the EKG technicians include monitoring BP (blood pressure), explaining the patients about the procedures, and positioning them. EKG courses are a part of individual training course that trains and prepares the students in gaining certification. You can find many technical schools, community colleges, and other institutions that offer EKG courses.

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The following is some information on EKG course that help the students in getting good idea about the course and in choosing the best course depending on their interest.

EKG technician programs

Usually, EKG technician certification programs include training the students on how to use the EKG equipment and practical classes on 12-lead placements on the patients. Also, the programs may include anatomy, legal aspects on interaction with the patients, and medical terminology.

By this, students can get a chance to gain good hands-on experience in handling EKG equipment.

List of common topics explored during EKG technician course

  • Electrodes
  • EKG equipment setting up
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Cardiac rhythm
  • Interpreting rhythm

List of courses

EKG Technician Course

In this course, students can gain basic knowledge on electrocardiographic machines and how to use these devices to test the heart electrical impulses. Also, students can be able to learn recording EKGs, stress, cardiac rhythms, and vital signs. Moreover, students can know about the myocardial infarctions and changes in EKG association.

CPR/first aid Course

Students can learn basic supportive skills needed for healthcare providers. In this, training will be given in areas such as pediatric and adult CPR. Also, students can know ways to deal with airway obstructions.

In addition to these, there are other courses like basic pharmacology course, structure and function of the human body course, clinical settings course, and medical terminology course. Choose the best training institution and favorite course to start your career as an EKG technician.

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