Learning The Basics About Magnet Schools

As a parent, you are probably wondering – ‘What kind of school should I select for my child?’. After all, there are quite a few options. For the unversed, magnet schools are a part of the public schooling system. A magnet school is not same as a charter or private school, which work independently. What makes magnet schools different is the focus on specific subjects and interests. For instance, many Connecticut magnet schools focus on STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Why consider magnet schools over standard private schools?

The biggest reason behind the popularity of magnet schools lies in the approach. Students can have flexible learning environments that focus on their individual interests. It is important to understand that the curriculum of a magnet school is same as all other schools, but the teaching techniques are different, and students get to learn in a more custom environment, where they get personal attention from teachers.

Another big reason why magnet schools score over private schools is the way tests are conducted. Here, the focus is more on the development of the child, and many schools focus on specific themes, so the curriculum is more relevant to the kids. Students at a magnet school are focused on academic excellence, and they are trained to learn about things that they truly are good at or find interest in.

Things to know

As a parent, you have to consider all possible aspects before you select a school for your child. For instance, is the magnet school too far from your home? If yes, your child will lose a fair amount of time in traveling. Students often have to follow a strict way of learning, which is again something parents become wary about. However, just because your child is studying at a magnet school doesn’t mean that he would be away from family and friends. Not all magnet schools are the same, so some initial homework is always recommended. Make sure that you consider a magnet school that has good reputation, and if possible, be there in person to know all the relevant details, vision and mission of the school.

There is no denying that magnet schools work better for most students. Parents, however, need to open to the idea of this kind of schooling. The idea is to let your child become the best version of himself, and a magnet school does that better than many other public schools.

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