One-to-one focus

School will always be a student’s most important place of learning but as one of many in a class, a particular child may find lessons move too quickly or too slowly. Teachers may not be able to give the one-to-one attention students need to overcome particular weaknesses or reach their full potential.

Schoolteachers have to spend time managing a class. A student may find it challenging to maintain consistently high levels of concentration. Feeling self-conscious about demonstrating ability in front of their peers is often a problem.

Our tutors provide focused one-to-one support so your child will be able to:
  • Work on the particular topics they find challenging
  • Move at a pace that works best
  • Reinforce and consolidate learning without distractions
  • Develop self-confidence in an environment away from peer groups
  • Be encouraged and inspired to extend understanding of more difficult topics

Interactive learning

The opportunity to participate in, and influence the focus of, learning enables a student to develop a deeper and broader understanding of a subject. In school students have limited opportunities to work in this way.

Our one-to-one tutors create interactive learning environments where students are engaged and motivated to learn. In tutorial sessions, your child will be able to:

  • Explore in detail areas of difficulty
  • Ask the tutor questions at any time
  • Examine topics in a variety of ways
  • Benefit from regular encouragement and become more confident
  • Develop a fresh interest in the subject as it is brought to life through active discussion

Personalised and Flexible

Schoolteachers have to cover a very full curriculum in set teaching hours, and are constrained when it comes to ensuring each student is suitably engaged and progressing at an appropriate rate. Some students may start to lose interest in a subject because they find it difficult to keep up, while others find their attention wandering because the pace is insufficiently challenging.

Our one-to-one tutor will create a flexible, personalised tuition programme for your child. The
tutor can:
  • Adapt the tuition style to your child’s learning needs
  • Use a range of interesting materials to explore a topic, so your child can find the ones that work best
  • Answer your child’s questions at any time
  • Adjust the pace of a tutorial, or even the whole tuition programme, to ensure your child fully understands key topics
  • Move on to explore complex examples and difficult questions as soon as your child
    is ready

Singapore Largest Home Tuition Agency

Singapore Home Tuition Agency is the largest tuition agency in Singapore with a large network of 50000 tutors and teachers. We will listen to your requirements and  match a teacher that can go to your home to give home tuition. Our tutors also provide online tuition during the covid-19 period.

         Relaxed learning environment

Children can feel self-conscious about asking and answering questions in front of their teachers and classmates. All of our tutors have taught in schools and understand classroom dynamics that can hold students back.

Our tutor will draw on the natural advantages of one-to-one tuition to create a positive, informal environment where your child can:
  • Feel comfortable making mistakes and learning from them
  • Ask questions whenever something is not understood
  • Feel good about knowing the right answer, rather than worrying what classmates
    might say
  • Relax and be themselves in the family home, away from any peer pressure
  • Come to appreciate the subject

          Practical and well-organised

We work with experienced tutors to create programmes that are convenient for   you as parents.

  • We provide private tuition at home so you and your children can plan tutorial sessions efficiently to fit in with your schedule
  • You do not need to incur costs travelling to sessions
  • Our step-by-step tuition process ensures parents feel informed, supported and in control throughout the programme

Exam Paper Download

Our team also collected a set of exam papers for your child to practise on before the big exam. You can download free exam papers in Singapore.

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