The role played by Rachel Tobin Yale in Enhancing your English Skills

Rachel Tobin Yale hails from Los Angeles where she graduated high school as class Valedictorian at the Marlborough School. After she graduated high school, Rachel attended Yale University to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. During her stay in New Haven, Rachel was a popular name for her participation in numerous teaching tutoring programs. She is also a popular name in research at Yale Stem Cell Center. It would not be wrong to suggest that Rachel has been a popular figure since she graduated in 2015 from Yale University. Her love for tutoring led her to become a co-founder of Nao Now Tutoring LLC.

Rachel Tobin Yale was a Co-President of her class at Yale University. Rest assured that Rachel displayed promising leadership traits after being chosen as a Co-President of her class. She has planned numerous events for approximately 1300 students. She has also led several council meetings keeping in mind the benefits of the students. In the year 2015, Rachel delivered the Yale Class Day Welcoming Address for 15000 people alongside Joe Biden.

After completing her graduate degree from Yale University, Rachel came back to Los Angeles and started working as a 2nd-6th grade science teacher in Korea Town. It would be pertinent to mention here that during her stay as a science teacher in Korea Town, she developed a careful and accurate science curriculum for every grade level. The science curriculum provides a concrete experimental focus. Apart from teaching as a science teacher for 2nd-6th grade, she was chosen to serve on the Head of School Search Committee. It would be pertinent to mention here that only three teachers were chosen for the Head of School Search Committee. Rachel was also selected to serve the Theme Committee and facilitate the Student Leadership Program. She also helped the students in pest preparations and writing classes while tutoring math and science subjects.

Rachel founded Nao Now Tutoring LLC in 2018. This tutoring company teaches English through modern cultural subjects. It would be pertinent to mention here that Nao Now Tutoring LLC looks forward to using up to date pop culture and STEM topics for preparing students for both classroom and standardized tests. They emphasize the need to improve the conversational skills and cultural connectivity of the students in the best possible way. Students explore several topics teaching them about American Culture while developing critical thinking, creativity, and confidence.



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