The School Tour: How to Get Ready for this Key Component of the Selection Process

Many parents forget about the school tour when choosing an institution. They carry out a lot of background research but forget to schedule a tour of the campus. There is no substitute for the school tour, you learn things about the staff and school that no website would ever show you. Here are some of the main reasons why you should always schedule a school tour.


Before you book a school tour to Niva American International School or any other school, make sure you arrive prepared. Do your homework and learn more about the school before the school tour. This way you will have more questions to ask when you are there.

When preparing for a school visit, do not forget these steps:

  • Learn more about the school online and from parents.
  • Contact the school and book a tour or ask about open days.
  • Jot down all the questions you need to ask.

Once you follow these steps you will be fully prepared for when you visit the school in person.

On the Day of the Tour

When you arrive at the school, make a point to talk to students, teachers, admin staff, and parents. Bring along your list of questions and make sure you get the answers to at least 90% of them.

Most of the information about the school is easy to find online, so there is no point in asking about their philosophy or mission statement. This is where your preparation comes in handy. Once you know this information, you should be trying to find out if they stick to their philosophy or whether it is just something that looks good on their website.

Meeting People & Exploring the School

Make sure you talk with anyone who can give you a better insight into the school and its environment. Take some time to speak to teachers, admin staff and parents. Try to observe them in action to see how they interact with students. You should also explore the school and assess its amenities.

You will learn a lot about a school from a tour of the campus. While you assess the facilities and amenities, take your time, and talk to different members of the school. It is important to arrive prepared, so you have an action plan for when you explore the school. When choosing a school for your kids, makes sure to include the campus tour in the selection process.

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