What Is Involved With Academic Writing? 

Academic writing is a very simple, clear, and concise work of writing conference papers, publications, thesis, and other types of reports. It does not require complex words. Good academic writing helps you in creating a positive impression in front of editorial boards, journals, and even potential employers also. You can read your paper in the academic conferences, as well.

The aim of academic writing is to help the readers to understand the topic easily. Academic writing is well structured, focused, and always well supported by the evidence.

Important Elements of Academic Writing

The following are some of the important elements that should always be kept in mind while writing a document:

Content planning

The content of the document should be very systematic and organized.

Framing the Sentences

Always use a formal tone. You need not use many abbreviations, jargon, or slang words. In case you use abbreviations, you must define what they stand for.

Use of Language 

The language of your document should be very clear and understandable by the intended audience.


The document should be written from the third person’s point of view. While conducting research and writing the thesis, you should follow the fact-finding approach.

Logical Approach  

A logical approach should be followed while doing academic writing because readers will follow the path developed by you.

What is the step-by-step process of Academic Writing?

It is important to follow a systematic procedure before starting academic writing. The following steps are involved in writing an academic document or paper:

Knowing the subject thoroughly

Before you start academic writing you should have clear knowledge about the subject area on which you are preparing the document.

Choosing the Topic

Once you have a clear understanding of the subject you can select the topic easily by narrowing down the available options.

Search & Research 

This is the main part of academic writing. You must invest enough time in conducting a detailed research about the topic. Go deep and dig every part and content related to your research topic. Read articles, research journals, conference papers. You can also take the help of the area experts and request them for relevant research material. After collecting enough material start documenting all the information in a proper sequence.

Thesis preparation

Now it’s time to prepare a thesis. A thesis is basically a short statement that clearly identifies and defines your topic of research. Through your thesis, you can express what you want to justify in your research work. It should be very precise and relevant.


An outline is describing your work in a list of key topics, facts, and arguments used in your documents. It consists of different sections, headings, subheadings, bullet points, and so on. An outline gives an overview of your document.


After preparing an outline of the document starts writing the academic document or paper. Any academic document has mainly three parts. It begins with the ‘Introduction’, followed by the ‘Main Body’, and ends with the ‘Conclusion’.


This is a final section that actually combines three works at a time. After preparing the first draft of the document, review it to ensure the proper structure of the paragraph, no grammatical or typographical errors, proper punctuations, etc. Proofreading is the final task done in the editing section.

How does Academic Writing & Editing Services help?

There are many academic writing and editing services available to assist you in writing, translating, and even editing your academic work as per your need. You can rely on these services and make your academic writing effective.

Academic writing services provide the highest quality plagiarism free content. There is a team of various subject area experts. They provide 24×7 writing services as per your requirements. These academic writers have qualifications in a specific subject or in multiple subjects.

On the other side, academic editing services help not only to edit your document by correcting grammatical or typographical errors, but they also strengthen your document by highlighting the key points and make your document more effective.

You can choose any or both the services as per your requirements. If you have written your document and are not able to spot errors by yourself then editing services will provide an editor that can view your document thoroughly, find the flaws, and bring them to your attention.

Final Thought

We hope that now you clearly understand the steps involved in academic writing and also its important elements. By keeping these elements in mind you can write any kind of academic document whether it is a conference paper, thesis, or any form of project or task reports. Besides, by following the systematic approach of writing, you can also ensure high-quality content.

However, if you do not find it easy to write the document on your own, you can take the help of Academic Writing and Editing Services and get high-quality content.

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