Your Personal Security Tips If You’re Attending Night Classes

Night classes are a perfect and easy way to support your education, but while traveling to campuses during the night, students must be very careful. You should focus on your studies but don’t forget your protection too while moving to U of M residence. Let’s look at six ways to stay safe when you go to night classes.

Know About Your Campus

Know your surrounding is best to stay safe during the night classes, particularly when you go to a new school.  Before leaving for your night classes, go to campus and search for anything that you may need in an emergency during the day. This could involve knowing all the emergency phone keys, dark corners, and the best light paths to walk in the evening. During the day, it will help to ensure that you are safe during the night.

Download the Security Apps

Your phone can be a very useful tool to keep you safe at night as it comes with countless security applications. Some of the most famous are:

  • Watch Over Me

This application monitors your GPS location and can warn your emergency contacts if you do not arrive safely at home or if you leave the GPS range. There is also an emergency warning and video recording that is activated when your phone is constantly shaking, for example, when someone wants to take you away or kidnap.

  • Circle of 6

This app allows users to select six individuals who can be contacted in case of an emergency and, if you need help, you can notify the six people in just two clicks. This app protects you when you are in the dark and need support from your evening classes.

New applications often come out to keep you safe in the night and risky conditions.

Be Careful With Your Surroundings

Self-defense class teaches you that being careful about your environment can help you in avoiding attacks. You may want to communicate with someone on the telephone when you walk alone in the night, so they know that you’re safe. But in fact, this makes you less mindful of your environment and makes you more vulnerable to unexpected things. Stay conscious of what is around you by study sounds, smells, shadows, and scenery to be hyper-aware of any changes.

Stay Sober

Alcohol affects your ability to behave quickly and judge correctly. Keep the mind at its best by avoiding drugs or alcohol.

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